Seattle Pacific University

An Overview
In a world where academic inquiry and Christian faith are often considered incompatible, SPU is serious about scholarship. Graduate students are challenged to explore the world’s great ideas and apply them to the issues of our day. With a long and distinguished history in Christian higher education dating back to 1891, Seattle Pacific University approaches the new century positioned to serve and to lead in the city and the world. At a time when the legacy of the secularized modern university is under scrutiny, Seattle Pacific provides more than 3,300 students with a high-quality, comprehensive combination of vital scholarship and thoughtful faith is a powerful one that brings about lasting change in the lives of our graduates and in people and communities they serve.

The Community
Seattle Pacific University’s location in a thriving, world-class city is a tremendous asset for students. Seattle is a major trade center, popular tourist destination and gateway to Canada and the Pacific Rim. The city is virtually surrounded by water and mountains, so seagulls, bridges, ferryboats, and snow-capped peaks are part of everyday life.
The region is home to corporate giants like Microsoft, Boeing and Nintendo, headquarters for World Relief and World Vision, and site of the renowned Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. A strong multicultural flavor is the result of business ties and exchanges with nations like Japan, Korea and Russia.
Combining classroom education with practical experience is often the best way to master a discipline – Seattle’s urban opportunities offer students that critical link.

Programs of Study
SPU offers exceptional academic training in a personable environment where students are challenged to apply their faith into whatever career path they've chosen. Graduate students at SPU can be sure that their education will be founded on advanced levels of theory, research and practice.

Graduate programs are offered in the following disciplines:
Master of Arts (M.A.)
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (T.E.S.O.L.)
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
Master of Education (M.Ed.)
Curriculum and Instruction
Education Leadership
School Counseling
Master of Science in Nursing (M.S.N.)
Leadership in Advanced Nursing
Master of Science (M.S.)
Marriage and Family Therapy
Information Systems Management
Physical Education
Doctor of Education (Ed.D)
Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology (Ph.D.)

Facilities and Resources
Seattle Pacific University sits on a 35-acre Seattle campus where resources abound to meet the educational needs of the students.
The Library provides collections, services, technology, and space for study and research, with approximately 150,000 volumes arranged on open shelves for easy access to readers. The collection grows by some 6,000 new titles each year, including over 1,400 current periodical titles and an ever-expanding mirofiche collection number more than 400,000 items.

The Center for Learning offers four computers for student use, a Writing Center that provides assistance with writing papers, services and support for students with disabilities, tutoring for many General Education courses and academic consultation and referrals.

Student Computer Labs are located in five buildings across campus. Some of the computer labs are highly specialized for specific academic programs while other labs are more general purpose. All of the general-purpose computer labs also provide full access to the Internet, electronic mail, World Wide Web, laser printers and other local and remote networked resources.
Internet Access/Electronic Mail - On-campus network connectivity and access to the Internet is available throughout campus. Nearly all students, faculty and staff use electronic mail and other electronic communication tools. Access to campus resources and databases through the World Wide Web is wide spread. Many routine student transactions (registration, class schedules, access to grades) can be completed via the web at the individual students time and convenience.

Expenses and Aid
Seattle Pacific University is committed to providing high quality Christian education at a reasonable price. Student Financial Services is responsible for providing service to students regarding tuition and other fees, financial policies, financial aid and payments on accounts. The staff is prepared to assist with any student who has questions. It is the hope of Seattle Pacific that students will not only have exceptional educational experiences, but will also feel that same commitment to excellence and service throughout all of the support areas of the institution.
GRADUATE TUITION – Costs for each program are as follows:
MBA and ISM courses $555 per credit
Nursing courses $442 per credit
Nurse Practitioner courses $442 per credit
Education - regular courses $413 per credit
Education - administration $458 per credit
Education - online courses $413 per credit
Education - Doctoral courses $493 per credit
Marriage & Family Therapy courses $474 per credit
Clinical Psychology Doctoral courses $505 per credit
Physical Education courses $400 per credit
TESOL courses $413 per credit

Students may choose to meet their financial obligations in three ways: (1) payment in full by the payment in full due dates, (2) use of the three-month extended payment option, or (3) two-month payment option. If the student account is not paid in full each quarter, prior to early registration, the student will not be permitted to register for subsequent quarters.

Employer Reimbursement Program
Students participating in the Employer Reimbursement Program are required to annually submit a letter from their employer to Student Financial Services with the following information (letter must be on company letterhead and bear authorized signatures):

  • student's name and identification number (usually the social security number)
  • time period and/or course of study for which the student is approved for reimbursement
  • conditions or circumstances under which the student would forfeit reimbursement.
  • Only tuition charges are approved for deferment. Students will be responsible for payment of all miscellaneous fees and charges at the time they are applied to their account.
    Each quarter's reimbursable tuition will be deferred for approximately one month following the completion of the quarter. This time period will allow sufficient time for students to receive their grades, submit the proper paperwork to their employers for reimbursement, and pay the owing charges on their account.
  • How to Apply
    Students who desire to study in SPU’s master’s programs may obtain an application from the appropriate school or department. In order to be considered for admissions to a master’s program at SPU, a student must:
    1. Hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university or it’s equivalent;
    2. Submit letters of recommendation from at least two persons. The letters submitted must come from unrelated individuals familiar with the applicants intended field of study;
    3. Submit an official copy of transcripts from the college or university which granted the bachelor’s degree and any institution attended since that time;
    4. Present a GPA of at least 3.0 in the last 45 quarter credits of coursework completed before applying for admissions or in all undergraduate work, whichever is higher;
    5. Present an acceptable score on the appropriate entrance examination as required by the particular program of study;
    6. Meet the specific entrance requirements given for the applicants intended field of study;
    7. Pay the application fee.

    Who to Contact
    For information on individual graduate programs, contact the school or department which administers the specific program.

    Teaching/Education Business/ISM Nursing/Health Sciences Physical Education
    Roger Long Debbie Wysomierski Roseanne Rapone Dan Tripps
    206-281-2378 206-281-2753 206-281-2888 206-281-2454

    Marriage and Family Therapy Clinical Psychology Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages
    Kim Jenott Marie Van Norman-Bale Tony Masinton
    206-281-2762 206-281-2839 206-281-2670


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