Slippery Rock University
Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania 16057

The Community
Slippery Rock, a borough of about 3,000 people, adjoins the University. Small shops and restaurants are within two or three blocks of the center of the campus. Pittsburgh, one of the country's largest cities, is about 50 miles to the south, and Erie, located on Lake Erie, is 75 miles to the north. Youngstown, Ohio, is 30 miles to the west. The borough is served by commercial buses from these cities and is located within 10 miles of two major interstate highways, I-80 and I-79. Cultural and recreational activities abound in the area.

Programs of Study
Slippery Rock University offers the Master of Arts degree in community counseling, English, history, and student personnel; the Master of Science degree in accounting, exercise and wellness promotion, park and resource management, sport management, and sustainable systems (agroecology, built environment/energy management, permaculture, and sustainable resource management); the Master of Education degree in elementary education (elementary school mathematics/science and reading), elementary guidance and counseling, secondary education (mathematics/science), secondary guidance, and special education (mental retardation, learning disabilities, social restoration, supervision of special education, the emotionally disturbed, and early childhood); the Master of Science in Nursing degree (nurse practitioner studies); and the Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. The physical therapy program takes 117 semester hours and requires three calendar years for completion. A graduate certificate in gerontology is also available.

Except for the physical therapy program, two semesters comprise the academic year; summer sessions are arranged in one 3-week presession, two 5-week sessions, and one 7-week evening term. Up to 12 semester hours of graduate credit from an accredited institution may be transferred into most master's programs.

Facilities and Resources
More than 700,000 volumes, along with an extensive microfiche collection and major professional journals and newspapers, are housed in the Bailey Library. A large reference collection, including bibliographies, indexes, and abstracts, is available. A comprehensive materials center and an audiovisual center are also located in the library. One of the largest computer centers in western Pennsylvania is operated by the University. Slippery Rock University is part of a Marine Science Consortium with research facilities at Wallops Island in Virginia. In addition, the University operates a biology station at nearby Moraine State Park, is affiliated with the McKeever Environmental Learning Center near Sandy Lake, and owns 60 acres for environmental studies and research. Scanning and transmission electron microscopes, greenhouses, an Outdoor Recreational Instruction Laboratory, a planetarium, IBM and Apple computer laboratories, and modern equipment support research and instruction.

Expenses and Aid
Costs: Pennsylvania residents who study full-time pay $4,959 per semester; nonresidents pay $6,815 per semester. The course fee per credit hour for part-time graduate students is $350 for residents and $589 for nonresidents. All fees are subject to change without notice.

Financial Aid: More than 100 graduate assistantships with tuition waived and stipends of $4,900 were offered. Assistantships may be granted for up to two years, with the recipients working between 16 and 20 hours a week and taking at least 9 graduate credits a semester. Application forms may be obtained from the unit supervisor/graduate program coordinator. Unconditional admission to the graduate studies program is a prerequisite for assistantship eligibility.

Loans are available to graduate students with definite need through the Federal Perkins Loan and the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency programs. Special Education Graduate Fellowships for special education majors are available through the Bureau of Education for the Handicapped. Information on additional sources of financial aid can be obtained from the Financial Aid Office.

Housing/Living Expenses: On-campus housing for graduate students is available. Rooms and apartments within walking distance of the campus range in price from $180 to $630 per month, and board is available on campus for $1,855 per semester.

How to Apply
The basic requirement for admission to graduate study is graduation from an accredited university or college with a major in the area proposed for graduate study, a grade point average of at least 2.75 (on a 4.0 scale) on all work attempted, and acceptable scores on the General Test of the Graduate Record Examinations. A nonrefundable fee of $25 must accompany applications for admission to graduate study. An official transcript must be submitted from the college or university at which the baccalaureate degree was earned. Applications should be filed two months prior to the opening of the semester for which admission is sought. Applications for financial aid should be filed at the financial aid office at least six months before the student is to begin graduate study. Application to the physical therapy program requires a $35 nonrefundable application fee.

Who to Contact
Graduate Studies Office
Lowry Center
Slippery Rock University
Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania 16057
Telephone: 724-738-2051
Or Visit our Website At:

The telephone numbers at the end of each entry below are equipped with voice mail.

  • Accounting: Susan Conway, J.D., Duquesne. (724-738-2013)
  • Allied Health: Michael Kennedy, Ph.D., Rensselaer. (724-738-2017)
  • Counseling and Educational Psychology: Donald Strano, Ed.D., Texas Tech. (724-738-2035)
  • Elementary Education/Early Childhood: John Burtch, Ph.D., Syracuse. (724-738-2042)
  • English: Diana Dreyer, Ph.D., Indiana of Pennsylvania. (724-738-2043)
  • History: Larry Rotge, Ph.D., Ball State. (724-738-2053)
  • Nursing: Joyce White, Coordinator, M.S.N. program; Dr.P.H., Pittsburgh (724-738-2323); Mary Kavoosi, Chairperson, nursing department, Clarion University; Ph.D., Pittsburgh. (814-677-6107)
  • Parks and Recreational/Environmental Education: Park and Resource Management, Environmental Education, Sustainable Systems: Daniel Dziubek, Ed.D., Pittsburgh (724-738-2068).
  • Physical Education: Robin Ammon Jr., Ed.D., Northern Colorado. (724-738-2072)
  • Physical Therapy: Gregory Marchetti, M.S., Pittsburgh. (724-738-2080)
  • Secondary Education/Foundations of Education: Edwin Christmann, Ph.D., Old Dominion. (724-738-2041)
  • Special Education: Dennis Fair, Ph.D., Pittsburgh. (724-738-2085)

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